Friday, 28 August 2009

Why do I always leave things til the last minute?

I remember a teacher writing on a school report that I was 'easily distracted'. And I'm afraid that about 30 years later I still am!

Here's a lovely baby knit that I made for a work colleague this week. The design was from Let's Knit magazine's Natural Knits extra pattern book (July 2009).

I found that the instructions were quite confusing in a couple of places, but that could be the hour of the day that I was making it...

I started the design last week, but as already mentioned, I get easily distracted and wandered off to crochet a cupcake for my niece's birthday (see previous blog), and then I twittered, and blogged, and joined in the forums on Folksy. Honestly I spend more time on the laptop now than I actually do making stuff.

Anyway, I finished the baby tank top at 12.45am on Wednesday, ready to give to Jolene that day at work as she's on maternity leave from today (Friday) but I had Thurs and Fri off. Talk about leaving it to the last minute!

Jolene was thrilled with it, so that was a huge relief. And she's promised that her little one will send in a photo for my blog when he arrives!

Sorry for the quality of the photos - 12.45am is not the ideal time for snapping!

Must not be so easily distracted next time...


  1. You and me both. Will we get together online and commiserate over a glass of wine at 3am on Christmas morning:)

  2. Ha ha! A great idea Leanne. If I've finished by then...!


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