Thursday, 29 July 2010

Food, Glorious Food

Wow, where does the time go (I think I may have said that before!) Sorry about the lack of posts, mainly due to an exceedingly slow laptop. Never mind, I've got new anti-virus software which has checked, cleaned and defragmentalized its way through all my files, so things seem to be running much better.

Of course I'm still really busy with listing every day for the July Jesters on Folksy too. Not long to go now; the end is in sight! I've posted a few images of a few of my latest Bliss Knits listings here.

Hubbie and I had a gorgeous tea tonight (even if I do say so myself!) - pork & herb sausages and caramelised shallots with garlic mash, strips of red pepper, green beans and mushrooms, followed by home made raspberry ice cream sprinkled with Flake shards. Yum!

I was especially pleased with the ice cream, this being my first attempt with the ice cream maker that I bought yesterday. It was really easy to use and we had a delicious SHOCKING PINK dessert in 20 minutes. I like the idea of making low fat, healthy ice creams, using fresh ingredients and no additives. This recipe was really simple but very tasty: fresh raspberries (shop bought unfortunately as the blackbirds have finished my crop), Greek yoghurt and caster sugar. It was slightly tart but I sprinkled chocolate on top and it worked really well.

I read someone's blog a couple of weeks ago (sorry I can't remember who) and she extolled the virtues of making your own healthy frozen desserts. And then we had a charity 'beach party' event at work last week where two of my colleagues set up an ice cream shack with a huge and varied selection of flavours (cucumber, mint and white wine anyone?). So thanks to Emma and Richard (and the mysterious blogger) for inspiring me to make my own. I'm quite excited about trying out some weird and wonderful concoctions, and I just hope that the hot summer weather comes back again so that we can enjoy them properly outside in the sunshine.

Pink Yo-Yo Brooch (from my new Folksy shop, The Needle Works, for all of my non-knitted or crocheted items)

So, for probably my last July Jester blog, I've chosesome items on a foodie theme (some more tenuous than others!) Thanks to my fellow Jesters who have included me in blogs of their own - and well done all of you on that amazing sales tally (nearly 900 sales this month - so far!)

I love the shimmering colours of this Twisted Fish Pendant from Mirribeads.

Booties by Dannie don't just make booties! - this fab Apple Cosy will stop your fruit from getting bruised on the way to work.

These Lucite Maple Leaves and Flowers from The Little Bead Box look like little yummy jelly sweets to me!

As if I need any encouragement! This Typography EAT Fine Art Print from IAlbert would look great in a dining room or kitchen, don't you think?

Iyobo Design has some gorgeous jewellery for sale, like this Turquoise & Gold Bracelet; it reminds me of expensive chocolates in sumptuous foil wrappers.

A funky gift for the tropical-fish-keeper man in your life? Fishy Cuff Links in fused glass from Poppyfields Design.

And finally, a beautiful, 'I dream of Paris' necklace from Whimsical Wren Jewellery (Paris = love = food, right?)

Hope you all enjoy the rest of the week!

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Thursday, 8 July 2010

I'm a July Jester - part two

Where does the time go? That's 7 days of the July Jesters gone in a flash! But there's still another 24 days left - which means 24 new items to be listed in each of our Folksy shops (1 each day). Wow, that's a lot of things to make. Better get cracking...

But first, here's what I've listed in the last 4 days: packs of four coasters in either pale blue or peppermint green - perfect for alfresco dining in this glorious summer weather, or even for that lovely picnic in the countryside as they're light and easy to pack, and machine-washable! If it's a posh picnic or alfresco lunch then the apricot floral napkin rings would be perfect for bringing that bright summer feeling to your table (again in a pack of four).

And finally from me, another teardrop keyring but in a lovely yellow cotton, sprinkled liberally with lots of shiny black beads and four beaded tassels to add a bit of movement. There are different colours listed already in my shop, with more to follow. Great for spotting your keys at the bottom of your handbag, or you could even use it as a bag charm itself.

And on to some of my fellow Jesters; a few of my favourite listings from the past few days:
This purse by Leanne Woods Designs is so sweet; I love the bashful look on the ducks face - and the fact that he brings his 'girl' flowers. Who could resist?

I love this millefiori red hearts & charms bracelet by Just K Jewellery. The hearts actually remind me of strawberries, and along with the little red chillies and silver flower charms it's the perfect summer accessory.

These sock zebras from Lonely Hearts are custom-made to your own colour specification. Aren't they just so cute?

This beautiful butterfly album by Dottie Designs can be personalised and would be a really special gift for someone to display treasured photos in.

This tribal shell necklace by Kirstys Creations would look fab with a low-cut summer dress and a suntan; a lovely statement piece!

And finally, Polka Dots and Posies has created this gorgeous cupcake cushion - personalised for your own sweet little girl.

Hope you like my picks today. Click on the links to find out more about the individual pieces - perfect presents for a friend or loved one, or a lovely little treat for yourself!

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Sunday, 4 July 2010

I'm a July Jester - part one

I'm now a July Jester!

Some of the lovely sellers on Folksy have taken up the challenge to list a new item every day for a month. This has been a huge success in previous months with sellers supporting each other through the Folksy forum, personal blogs, Facebook, etc; making new friends; finding new shops that you didn't know existed - and that all important, making more sales!

So, three days into the month, I'm a fully fledged July Jester - I've managed to list every day so far!

This tangerine handbag is bright and funky and perfect for those summer outings.

And either of these flower brooches - deep pink or pale green - would look great on a summer jacket, cardi, bag or hat.

My fellow July Jesters have listed some gorgeous items too. Here's a very varied selection of my favourites from the first three days (click on the highlighted name of the shop to find out more about each piece).

I love the colours of this 'Lovebirds' wall art by Made by Lolly; it's so full of detail too.

This bookmark by Fairly Girly has a sweet little heart attached which says 'Thank you'. A great present for a kind person in your life - and again, gorgeous colours!

For fans of the Twilight books and films (me, me, me!) there's this great pocket mirror from Gifts Shack - available in 21 different Twilight-inspired designs.

This bumble bee paperweight from Kettle of Fish would fool the real thing, and be a great reminder of summer all year round.

These earrings by Mildunkley Beads are really sweet; quite simple and delicate, and of course I love the flower design!

And finally, I think the sentiment on this apron by HWR Designs was written for me, and wearing a gorgeous apron like this would definitely improve my baking skills too!

Check out the shops on Folksy for some great presents - or treats for yourself. I'll blog again in a few more days with my latest favourite items. Have a lovely Sunday!

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