Saturday, 1 August 2009

First Prize in the Gateshead Summer Flower Show

I got a First Prize for my crochet bag!
Woo hoo! There were quite a few entries in the 'Other handicrafts not mentioned above' class so I'm really chuffed. I just entered it to get a free entry ticket for the show, so I'm thrilled to get some recognition too.

Unfortunately my mam and sister didn't win anything in their class (Cross stitch work framed), but there are tonnes of entries in that section and it tends to be the unique items rather than the pictures from kits that the judges favour (there's still a HUGE amount of time and effort put into them though).

I took a load of photos today; here's some from the Amateur Classes marquee - the general public show off their stuff! It doesn't matter what you're good at - whether it be working with yarn, fabric, wood or metal; growing fruit, veg or flowers; baking or preserving; photography or painting - there's a class that you can enter.

Gorgeous items of handicraft, and tasty bakes.

Exquisite single flowers, and beautiful arrangements.

Huge specimens, and colourful varieties of vegetables.

More tasty and attractive baked goods, jams and honey. Mmmmmm...

And the kids had a few classes of their own to enter too. This fantastic garden is by Megan from Winlaton.

There were some gorgeous arrangements in the Floral Art marquee too. Some pieces told a story, others were traditional and colourful, some were structural and unusual - all of them looked fantastic!

We had a great day today. The weather was a bit wet and windy to start with but it did improve after lunch. At least we could dash into one of the marquees when the heavens opened; the poor stall holders outside couldn't. I hope the sun shines on them for the final day of the show tomorrow!

If you want to see more of the show, please come back tomorrow and I'll show you the work of the 'professionals' this time - plant displays from the nurseries, societies and colleges; and stalls in the Craft Marquee that I liked.


  1. yey! well done you, very deserved 'tis a lovely bag. nice photos too - especialy love the florals.

  2. Congrat on first prize! How wonderful, looks like a busy country show so your work must have really stood out. I do love looking at the entries at these shows, it's amazing some of the standards.

  3. Thank you both! It's nice to get something you weren't expecting, once in a while.

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog. Congrats on your win!


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