Thursday, 20 August 2009

Checker Bunny on holiday

Checker Bunny arrived in my garden a couple of weeks ago. She is going to be adopted by one of my nieces on her birthday, and her friend (and fellow sock bunny) Widget thought coming early would give CB time to acclimatise to the North East weather before jetting off to her new permanent home (she comes from The Warren in West Sussex - it's much warmer down there).

She had been stuck in the post office for a week, with only one carrot to nibble on, so was desperate to stretch her ears.

Unfortunately, in her haste, she forgot to get out of her little sleeping bag and found it quite difficult climbing the tree. CB had a good look around the garden from her vantage point...

...spotting some nice soft plants to jump around in.

Checker Bunny didn't just explore the garden though. She lived up to her name by inspecting the stock in my Folksy shop...

...and by approving the prices for the new scarves in the Bliss Knits autumn/winter collection.

All that checking was quite tiring though, and CB WAS on holiday after all, so she spent most of her first week finding pretty places to sunbathe.

After a week of relaxing and exploring the garden, CB discovered that her daughter was coming to visit for a few days. She found another tree to climb to give her a good view, and waited.

However, she got distracted by some lovely herby smells and hopped off to investigate...

... and missed the postman, who kindly left Baby Pinky on the garden bench to wait rather than being taken back to the post office.

Baby Pinky was so excited to have finally arrived. She lost no time in hopping out of her sleeping bag and travelling box, and with packaging ribbon still tangled up around one of her ears, she set off in search of her mummy.

Baby Pinky looked everywhere she could, but she's so small that she soon got lost amongst the plants.

She was very brave though and decided it would be a good idea to ask one of the garden residents if he had seen Checker Bunny anywhere, but the snail didn't have much to say.

Baby Pinky was becoming very sad and lonely. And then, luckily, a friendly bee came by, and she knew exactly where to find her mummy... be continued.


  1. Hi sharon
    CB seems to be happy in the north east I hope he is prepared for his long haul journey in the near future. Enjoyed dads greenhouse - mam is now starting on her new venture hope she gets as much enjoyment!
    Hope you are making plenty of goodies for your future craft shows. will see you after a little hol. xx

  2. Hello Sharon!
    Thank you so much for following my blog!
    How lovely your bunny!
    Have a great Sunday! :)
    Greetings from Italy!

  3. Aww so cute! I loooove the pictures!
    i'm busy catching up on everything.
    I'd love them added to the sockbunny group on flickr
    its where i'm keeping everyone's pictures of the bunnies when they send them to me.
    My favourite pic is the one of her lying back in the flowers!


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