Saturday, 22 August 2009

Bunnies reunited

(...continued from previous post)

As soon as the friendly bee told Baby Pinky where she'd last seen Checker Bunny, off she hopped as quickly as she could.

It was quite a big climb to the top of the Box plant. She was getting very tired when...

...she saw her mummy. Baby Pinky was so excited that she nearly had a little 'accident'. CB managed to stop her baby from jumping up and down long enough to take off the little bit of packaging ribbon that had been tangled around her ear. And then they had a BIG hug.

Baby Pinky was feeling quite sleepy after all that travelling (and bouncing) so Checker Bunny showed her the pretty little flower 'bed' that she'd found earlier in the week, and they had a little snooze in the sun.

Baby Pinky was very hungry when she woke up. "No Pinky! Not the chillies! They'll blow your socks off!", shouted Checker Bunny, just in time...

...maybe some nice fresh herbs would be more tasty. "Pinky you're supposed to eat them, not sit on them!", sighed CB (she'd forgotten just how inquisitive her daughter could be!)

"How about that carrot that you brought with you? That will be SO MUCH nicer", said Checker Bunny, as she popped Baby Pinky into her little sleeping bag, ready for another nap.

Checker Bunny and Baby Pinky had a lovely few days, exploring the garden and catching up on the gossip. CB loved hearing about what Widget had been up to back at The Warren since she'd been gone.

Baby Pinky loved visiting her mummy; she'd really missed her this last couple of weeks. Checker Bunny thought it would be lovely to stay together and I agreed that my niece, Louise, would love to adopt them both. And so it was decided that both Checker Bunny and Baby Pinky would go to stay with her as soon as it was her birthday.

Baby Pinky settled down for bed that night so happy that she was going to live with her mummy forever. It was raining and a little bit chilly outside so they snuggled into the box of Bliss Knits' scarves to get nice and cosy, and Checker Bunny told her what to expect in their new home. She'd heard that Louise was a nurse so she'd be working funny hours, but that she would be ready with a cuddle and a chat anytime they wanted one. And she was going off to Australia soon, so there would be lots of packing and organising for them to help with. Baby Pinky was so excited; she loved checking too, just like her mummy!


  1. They are so sweet! Glad to have discovered you!

    Pomona x

  2. Thank-you for the lovely comments, christmas shopping with a glass of wine :-) that sounds like a fab idea...Debs


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