Friday, 4 September 2009

Making, selling, buying - and lots of birthdays

I made this crocheted teardrop keyring (there's more for sale in my Folksy shop) for a colleague of my hubby's. This would make any old bunch of keys look quite glam, I think! I bought some lovely new sparkly yarns the other day and will experiment with them at the weekend hopefully - I think a similar design to the keyring would look great as tree decorations for Christmas.

My lovely, knitted Fiesta Scarf is off to a new home tomorrow. The partner of Chris, my eldest nephew, has bought it for her gran's birthday.

And here's my famous wooden cat modelling the scarf. Hopefully I'll get a picture of Tamara's gran wearing it and she can get added to my 'model customers' photo album here on the blog.

The cat is famous because I recently asked some of my fellow sellers on Folksy whether they thought that the cat or myself was the better model - the cat won 12-1!! I'm actually very pleased though because I hate having my photo taken (I'd much rather be on the other side of the lens, styling the shot and taking the image), and I think that the cat is quite a quirky character to have selling my wares, I just wondered if people would rather see the scarf on a human being - but seemingly not! He does look rather pleased with himself doesn't he?

Tamara also liked the idea of a glasses case for her gran, so I've crocheted one in a soft lilac (purple is gran's favourite colour).

It has a lovely vintage fabric lining - the perfect colour match! (Again, there are a couple of other pouches, in different colours, for sale in my shop if you're interested.)

As well as making, I've been buying on Folksy AGAIN this week. It's my sister's birthday next Monday and I'd seen a few things over the last couple of weeks that I thought she'd like. I took some photos of said presents tonight, but you'll have to wait to see them until next week as I don't want to spoil the surprise...

Also, belated birthday greetings to my youngest nephew, Martin, who was 22 on Wednesday this week. Unfortunately he's on exercise with his regiment at present so he'll have to hold off the celebrations for a while yet. Happy Birthday Martin - we're so very proud of you!


  1. Wow you've been busy! Love the idea of the christmas decorations with the sparkly yarn - I think you're on to a winner there

  2. Thanks Alison. Playing with sparkly yarns now...


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