Sunday, 13 September 2009

Blog on the Tyne

I had a lovely afternoon off work on Wednesday last week. Mam and I did a bit of shopping in Newcastle - she bought loads of yarn for baby knits (new great grand-daughter due at the end of October), and I bought a few small zips (going to crochet some pretty little purses).

Then we had a lovely lunch and chat at the Eye on the Tyne, and a walk along Newcastle Quayside. The weather was lovely - really warm and sunny.

We walked over the Millennium Bridge...

...and posed for a slightly windy photo at Baltic Square (standing in front of HMS Calliope, the Royal Naval Reserves base where Dad used to work).

Then we walked up to The Sage...

...and admired the views from the Gateshead side of the river.

All of the bridges have a 'special something' about them. My favourite is probably the High Level Bridge (my avatar is a photo of me on the HL; seen inbetween the Tyne Bridge and Swing Bridge here). But if I've been away for any length of time, I always know I'm back home when I see the Tyne Bridge; it brings a lump to your throat, it's such an iconic structure.

We finished off a lovely afternoon with a hot chocolate in The Sage. It was great to spend some time alone with Mam. She is such a lovely, kind and thoughtful person; I hope she realises how much she is loved and respected by the whole family; we often think it, but probably don't say it enough do we? So I'll say it now - Mam, you are so special. Love you lots! And thanks for a great day out. xxx


  1. oh, you made me cry for a minute! I could feel the love, and I am sure she knows too. Thank you for your really lovely and kind comments on my blog! Suzie. xxx

  2. Hi there, you have a great blog. Thanks for the follow. This is a lovely post. Regards

  3. Awww sounds like a lovely day, great pictures too! We got back from Northumberland, just over a week ago, we love the North East - it's such a friendly - but windy place!

    Take care

    Sarah xx

  4. so lovely to escape to the sun hoping your feeling rested and full of new inspiration!


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