Monday, 7 September 2009

Birthday presents for my big sis

Happy Birthday Sis!

And now that the birthday girl has opened her pressies I can tell you what I bought...

These gorgeous, sparkly Citrus Twist Earrings from Pretty Little Things.

Which came prettily packaged in this sweet little box.

And this useful and really attractive crochet hook holder from Nics Knots.

My sister loves to crochet and she adores poppies so I thought that this was the ideal gift for her.

She also got this crochet book, which I bought at the Pins & Needles Show way back in April and she's been dying to get her mitts on it ever since!

Diane was also the lucky recipient of one of my knitted scarves! Niece Sarah bought Comfort Scarf off me for her mum.

I knitted it ages ago, and Diane loved it and coveted it so I made sure that no one else got there hands on it before she did.

Happy Birthday Sis - hope you enjoy wearing...using...reading your presents!


  1. I'm so pleased that your sister liked her earrings I hope she had a fantastic birthday :)

    Heather (Pretty Little Things) x

  2. Lovely pressies, lucky Sis! Suzie. xxx

  3. What a lucky sister to get all of that!! I'm glad you liked the roll :)


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