Sunday, 6 September 2009

A family-filled Saturday and a crafty Sunday

Another good weekend.

I harvested my onion crop and I'm really pleased with how big some of them are. I just grew them in big black pots as I don't have room in the garden itself so they've grown really well. I haven't harvested my leeks yet, but they look like spring onions at the minute so I'm not holding out much hope for them!

I was at my mam's house on Saturday and finally got round to taking a couple of photos of her and her new greenhouse. So here's mam watering some of the bonsai.

And here she is looking really chuffed with her new hideaway.

As I mentioned in my last post, my brother and his wife have been staying with mam this week. We were having a good chat when the doorbell rang and there was my nephew, Martin, on the doorstep! He'd just got back from army exercise early that morning and came on a surprise visit; so he got to open his birthday cards, just a few days late. We also had my niece, Sarah, and her daughter Ellie, and my other niece, Louise (who was on night shift and TRYING to sleep upstairs, but she did pop down for a quick chat) - so it was nearly a full house at mam's on Saturday (my sister and her hubby are on hol so they were missing).

Here's a photo of my brother and his wife, and our great niece, Ellie, just as I left them on Saturday teatime. She's full of mischief, as you can see!

Les and Mary went back home to Aberdeen today. Hopefully we'll all have a family get together again really soon.

So after my busy, noisy Saturday, I've had a nice quiet Sunday with hubby. I had a nice lie in and a read in bed whilst he was off swimming; did a bit of housework; and listed three new scarves on Folksy.

Then we went to the Tyneside Cinema, which was holding a Craft Market today. There were some great stalls there, selling all sorts of different handmade items, but we thought that the market didn't seem to be very well organised. It hadn't been advertised much, the signage inside was poor, the layout was all-over-the-place, and the space around some of the stalls was quite cramped.

We had a decent enough meal in the restaurant, but it wasn't anything to shout about either. It was nice to spend some time together though, and we had a good chat about the different stalls and ideas for mine - craft fairs coming up soon - must go and make some new things...


  1. Those onions look good. Mine have been good this year too. They are soooo much stronger than shop bought ones too.
    I haven't have my leeks in for long, they should be ready in about feb/march. Did you plant yours long ago?
    What a shame about the craft fair. Its always a shame when they are poorly advertised and organised. I hope the ones that you go to are better!!


  2. Sounds like you've had a lovely weekend.

  3. Those onions are very impressive! You sound like you enjoyed your weekend! Suzie. xxx


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