Monday, 28 September 2009

Model customer #3 and craft fair plans

Still in the sunny holiday mode, today I have a 'model customer' from a very glamourous location - Sydney in Australia! Here's Angie wearing my Jade Scarf - a long, thin ribbon scarf in gorgeous shimmering shades of green with a black base.

These exotic photos were taken at the bottom of Angie's street (with a friend's Scottie dog). Wow, I wish I had a great view like that at the end of my street!

When I contacted Angie recently, she said:
"Thank you for the beautiful scarf. I love it and wear it all year round. The colour is gorgeous and goes with almost all of my clothes so I wear it a lot. I've also worn it as a head scarf too! It's one of my favourite accessories."

I'm so glad that you like the scarf Angie, and that you find it so versatile - it looks really great on you! And I hope that you've got that fantastic view back after the recent horrendous dust storm.

Since coming back from holiday I've been working away, making new items to sell. I've signed up for four craft fairs this autumn/winter and the first is in two weeks time. I've always done better selling at craft fairs than online, I guess with scarves especially some people may prefer to touch the yarns and try the items on, rather than buy 'blind' off the internet. I have quite a lot of stock already but I just don't know how well things will sell so I'll just keep making until the big day!

The first fair is at the Grainger Market in Newcastle on 10th October. It's the first time that I've done a fair at this venue, but they have an Arts & Crafts Fair on the second Saturday of every month and as far as I can tell it's well attended, and hopefully there will be lots of people looking for Christmas gifts!

To make my stall look attractive, and to catch the eyes of passer-bys, I've also decided to make some bright knitted bunting to attach to the front of the table. I found a great free pattern at Green Mountain Mama's blog today (photo above) so I'm knitting the basic triangles as in the pattern, but then I'm going to crochet some cord and attach it as individual letters to each triangle to spell out... BLISS KNITS (of course). In my head it looks really effective; I'll take some photos and let you know how it progresses.

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  1. Wow that bunting looks amazing (I made some recently out of socks!) Good luck with all your craft fairs too - although I'm sure you won't need it!

    Hope you're well & thanks for your lovely comments on my blog too. xxx


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