Thursday, 29 April 2010

Patio Under Pressure

Apologies for the lack of posts, again. We've been doing lots of housey things this week (as well as being at work); getting it ready to put on the market - hopefully within a couple of weeks. Very exciting!

I've packed another million boxes in my attempt to clear my workroom. I'm truly amazed at how much stuff came out of there; honestly, the Tardis is nothing compared to my old workroom! I say 'old workroom' because it's now been turned back into a little bedroom, freshly decorated and ready for some furniture after the new carpet comes next week. After years of watching Ann Maurice on House Doctor we decided a while back to decorate and declutter, and make sure the house was spic and span and 'ready to move into'. Hopefully our house viewers will be impressed.

The garden has also seen some improvements, though I still need to give the bark path a good weed. Last weekend we had fun with Mam's pressure washer. I knew the patio needed a good clean (I scrubbed it on hands and knees last year but it didn't make a huge amount of difference) so I was amazed at how much muck a bit of water under pressure could clear away.

Hubby was very methodical in his technique: one square at a time, nice neat lines, pristine result...

Whereas I was slightly more creative! Hmmm, can you tell what it says? (Answer at the bottom of this post!)

Anyway, the results are fantastic don't you think? And now that the patio furniture is out too (though it could do with a lick of wood stain), the garden is looking the perfect spot for some lovely alfresco dining. All we need is some sunshine...

Answer: 'Bliss Knits' of course! (Sad of me, I know!) Must practice my joined-up-writing-with-a-pressure-washer-lance for next time...

Hope you all have a lovely week!

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  1. Oh yes, I am with you with the giving the right impression. You seem to have to spell out quite literally what is what to viewers! We will be changing our dining room into a bedroom. Your patio looks gorgeous, you start thinking , hey! this is nice here, I would buy it myself! Suzie xxxx

  2. That's a job that still has to be done here, like a 1000 more things that need to be done in the garden. Well done hubby, hope you gave him a big kiss for doing is to methodical. xx

  3. You have a beautiful garden - I'm afraid ours needs more than a pressure wash at present - although our greenhouses are very neat and productive!


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