Sunday, 23 May 2010

Pretty House For Sale!

Well, it's all official now... after months of decluttering and decorating and cleaning, our house is finally on the market. Woo hoo!

The For Sale sign is up...

Vases of flowers (fresh from the garden, no less!) are strategically placed...

Cushions are plumped...

...and random objects are artistically arranged.

The bed is always dressed with pretty, co-ordinating cushions...

...and even the day-to-day clutter of lotions and potions in the bathroom has been replaced by a family of ducks.

I've rebelled, and livened up the 'appealing to all buyers' neutral colour scheme with some splashes of colour...

...interesting collections...

...and pretty, handmade cushions. I want our viewers to know that the house is lived-in and loved, and not a neutral show house with bare walls, empty work surfaces and no signs of life.

The main reason for our move is garden related - I want a bigger one! We've been in this house for twelve years now and I've definitely ran out of space. The garden has grown from a square lawn with a conifer hedge round it, to this mass of colour and texture and year-round interest that the local wildlife love and I adore.

We've viewed a few houses over the past couple of weeks and have found a house that we like - with a garden that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! It's huge, and it's beautiful now, but I'm already dreaming of the whole host of new plants and features that I can incorporate.

All we need now is to sell this one. Watch this space...

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  1. Good luck and I hope the house sells fast!

  2. wishing you the very best of luck

  3. the house looks delightful and the garden to die for, hope you sell real quick and get the house of your dreams, good luck

  4. Oh, Sharon - the house and garden look wonderful! I'm so glad you've kept your own personality in the small touches :) Best of luck and can't wait to hear how you get on!

  5. It all looks great sure your hard work will pay off. We are debating moving but not sure if I can face all the de cluttering and sorting, good luck !

  6. Good luck with your sale and move! Your garden is beautiful!

  7. Really lovely. I am sure it will sell soon. You have done a great job.
    Now, the truth is whats hiding in your cupboards. Are they fuller than normal?? :))

  8. Thanks everyone for your kind words and best wishes; and no Tracey, our cupboards aren't any more full than usual (but mam's garage is!!!)

    We've had eight viewings already so fingers' crossed that we get a buyer soon!

  9. I used to be an Estate Agent, for my sins.
    I loved it, got to see look round lots of lovely houses.
    By the look of yours it won't take to long to sell.
    Hope you have a wonderfully busy weekend full of viewings...x

  10. We've had 13 viewings now so that's great - but still no buyer. There are a couple of interested parties but they have properties to sell too so we're just waiting for the chain to get moving...


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