Monday, 19 April 2010

Socialising, sight-seeing, and lots of scran

I had a busy week again last week - with food playing a major part. I ate out so much that I think I've probably gained two stone in weight. I guess I'll be having salads all this week then!

Saturday - Hubby and I tucked into a Chinese takeaway after our monthly stint at the Grainger Market Art & Craft Fair. The fair was much busier this month. Hurrah!

Sunday - Hubby and I took my Mam out for Sunday lunch for her birthday and then we had a nice walk (and an icecream!) round the Saltwell Park spring flower show.

Monday - Met my big sis and Mam for a quick meal in Newcastle during my lunch break.

Tuesday - Not much to report: boring sarnie at work and homemade tea.

Wednesday - Morning at work and then a lovely drive down to Whitby for a last minute break with hubby (see photos). Checked into our stylish B&B, and then had gorgeous chips for a late lunch whilst people-watching. Had a good walk around the shops on the west side, and a very windy walk along the pier (VERY stormy sea). Eventually found somewhere to eat on the night after wandering around the streets for an hour (places either shut completely or with 'no food today' signs. Bizarre.) Another Chinese meal - restaurant this time.

Thursday - Huge breakfast in B&B - yummy fruit and yoghurt, and then a Full English! Walked it off with a trip up the 199 steps to Whitby Abbey. Had a good look round the church and abbey but it was blowing a gale and icy cold so not as nice as it could have been. Wandered around the pretty streets and shops on the east side, and then a tasty lunch and milkshake at cafe overlooking the harbour. Visited the very interesting Whitby Museum (loved the fossils and miniature ships) and art gallery in the newly-renovated Pannet Park. Posh fish and chips in stylish restaurant for tea.

Friday - another B&B big breakfast before checking out. Had a couple of hours in Whitby again as the weather was so good and we wanted to see some of the sunshine before it disappeared again. The tide was out so we had a good potter about the beach and the jetties before heading home. Gorgeous pub meal on night with pregnant friend. I haven't seen her for a few weeks so it was good to catch up. She looked really well and I got to feel the baby kick a couple of times! Very special.

Saturday - Lovely pub meal with Mam, youngest niece and 3-year-old great niece. The sun was shining again so we walked there and back (with a stop to stroke the horses) so at least some of the calories were burned off!

And so that was my week. LOTS of yummy food - but also quite a bit of walking too (so I can still fit into my skinny jeans!) I had a lovely week of socialising and sight-seeing and chilling - I hope you had a nice week too.

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  1. A great week if you tell me!Wonderfull pictures of a town i don't know but now want to visit.xx

  2. Lovely photos, I love Whitby though haven't been there for many years.


  4. What a great week you had. I do think sea air and eating loads kind of go together, so dont feel guilty. Great photos of Whitby was at uni in Leeds so had quite a few day trips there.

  5. Whitby looks lovely - I know very little of the east coast, south of Newcastle,I've only just had tea but you're making me hungry - unfortunately a gluten-free diet is incompatible with both Chinese and fish and chips - very sad :(

  6. me again....please pop over to my blog where there is an award waiting for you x

  7. Gorgeous pics! Sounds like you had a lovely week!

  8. Thanks everyone for your lovely comments. It means a lot to know that people are actually reading my ramblings!

    I'd highly recommend the Hillcrest Guest House on Prospect Hill in Whitby if anyone fancies a trip. The ensuite bathroom was very luxurious and the breakfasts were amazing (loads of fresh fruit Sue, and the owners are happy to cater for special dietary requirements too).


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