Friday, 5 February 2010

Special Delivery

I've received some lovely goodies in the post recently. First of all was this lovely grey tabby from Kirsten at Quernus Crafts.

Kirsten and I met through Folksy and we've been corresponding for a few months now: inspiring each other with our crafty makes and just chatting about life in general. When she heard about my lovely cat Alli (see previous post) she sent me this gorgeous wee cat. Isn't he sweet? It was so kind and thoughtful of Kirsten, and much appreciated. Crafters are such lovely people and Kirsten is one of those truly special ones.

As well as the people selling jewellery, toys, art, home decorations, etc. on Folksy, there are also quite a few that sell supplies; and nice Mr Postman brought me a great big fat bundle of felt last week, that I bought from The Felted Rainbow.

This gloriously coloured felt (recycled from plastic bottles!) is great for all sorts of crafts, and with 34 different colours to choose from I'll never be short of the right one! I find that a lot of felt comes in really garish shades, but there were some lovely muted and pastel ones here. A couple of weeks ago I started a new evening class - Bag Making & Embellishments - and I've already used some of the felt in my first bag (more on that in my next blog posting).

And my final lovely delivery were these cute silver charms from Ruby & Dig; aren't they just gorgeous?

They've been added to my ever-growing collection of embellishments: buttons, beads, ribbon, etc. bought over the years and stashed away for the 'right time'. These beautiful charms will add that perfect finishing touch to so many different items: padded hearts for Valentines, cards for Mother's Day, beaded bag charms...

I've already used one on my Folksy Heart Swap (more on that at a later date too!) and it really added that 'special something'.

I love to support fellow Folksters: whether buying handmade gifts direct from the maker, or purchasing materials to help me make my goodies, and you can find some really unusual items that you just wouldn't get in your local high street stores. I just need to make a few more sales in my shop and then I can go shopping again...!

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  1. I love the little cat!!! I bought two for my friend for her birthday to resemble her cats and she loved them!! :-) x

  2. Love that cat! I have a folksy shop, and an etsy one too, I just haven't opened them yet! suzie xxx

  3. Thanks so much, Sharon - it's been such a pleasure getting to know you and all your wonderful creations!

    Kirsten xx

  4. Sharon, I have awarded you a Sunshine Award, but you'll see from my post that you are under no obligation to do anything other than bask in the glory of another award :)

    Kirsten x

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Thanks so much Kirsten! And well done to you - six awards - wow, that's fab!!


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