Thursday, 28 January 2010

Our Handsome Alli Cat

A lot of crafters - and a few gardeners! - are owned by cats, so today I thought you might be interested in some photos of our lovely cat Alli who passed away a year ago today, at the age of just three.

He was such a handsome cat.

Who could always find a nice spot for a doze.

Getting himself into all sorts of comfy positions.

He loved to play with his toys.

He had his favourites, and they took quite a battering!

He was very quick and athletic, and he had very sharp claws!

But his greatest love was the garden.

With lots of vantage points and hiding spots, perfect to leap out from.

And places to relax in the sun.

He was such a loving and playful character, and we miss him dearly.

Our gorgeous little boy, Alli. xxx

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  1. What a total darling. Thank goodness you have beautiful pix to remember him - he looked like a very content and happy boy. I recognise the up-side-down sleeping position all too well! Thanks for sharing. x

  2. What a gorqeous cat!!! Very Handsome...I am so sorry you lost him...I had a grey tabby called Holly and I lost her a year ago too, she was sooo orgeous I couldnt walk past her without giving her a cuddle!!!

    And can I say what amazing photographs they clear and crisp and the garden looks beautiful!! :-) xx

  3. He looked a character! and so gorgeous too! I bet you miss him badly. I love the photos! suzie. xxx

  4. Beautiful pictures, Sharon - he was a lucky cat to have you.

    Kirsten x

  5. They become such a part of the family don't they? He's absolutely gorgeous - I'm so sorry you lost him so soon.

  6. Thanks everyone for your kind words. At least Alli had three happy years of living life to the absolute max.

    So sorry to hear about your cat too Andrea. Their absence takes a lot of getting used to doesn't it? Though it's a lot safer to walk up our stairs now - Alli used to grab your legs on the way up (practising his 'bring down the gazelle' move, I think!) xxx

  7. What lovely pictures of your gorgeous little cat. I'm so sorry you lost him so young. My little 6 year old tabby looks a lot like your Alli - he's very poorly with congestive heart failure so we're treasuring every day with him.

    Rachel x

  8. What a lovely cat :) It's very sad to lose a beloved pet. Sorry I haven't managed to post about the lovely award, I've gone a bit mad stock-building at the moment! Hopefully will get some time in the future :) I loved your list of blogs though and got a chance to visit them all - fantastic selection :)

  9. Ye for a moggy he wasn't to bad

  10. Sorry to hear about your young tabby Rachel. Hope you're having some nice days together.

    Thanks Alison. Lookng forward to seeing your new stock.

    Yeah bruv, I know you're more of a dog fan!


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