Sunday, 14 February 2010

Bag Making, and Beyond

Sorry for the lack of posts - our broadband connection has been down so we've had no internet for the last few days. It was all my fault really: I mentioned to someone last week that the laptop was such a good buy (no need to go into the dining room to use the PC now) and that broadband was fab. And then it broke. Anyway, after spending 40 mins on the phone everything is now up and running (touch wood, fingers' crossed).

As I mentioned in my previous post, I started an evening class a few weeks ago: bag making and embellishments. I have healthy stash of fabric (both new and recycled) in my workroom and I'm keen to make use of it. I've made a few bags in the past, getting inspiration and instruction from various books, but there's nothing like being taught 'in person'.

This is the first bag that I made in the class, using fabric from an old summer skirt of mine (loved the fabric, but it just didn't go with my pasty white legs!) and gorgeous felt from The Felted Rainbow. It's quite basic really (and very wonky) but it will be a useful bag for my latest knitty project, and I did learn a few useful things in the process: using an overlocker, different way of making handles and bag linings, properties of different types of fabric...

And I had amazing fun with the Sizzix machine, which basically cuts out your chosen design from the fabric (or card). This machine is so great - I think the money that I got for my birthday (yesterday - 21 again!!) may be winging its way to a Sizzix supplier very soon; I can think of so many uses.

And this week we started another bag using the same techniques as the previous one, but this is destined to have a zip closure. I've had so many problems with zips in the past - it's the making them 'invisible' that I have problems with - so I can't wait to see how it's supposed to be done!

The fabric for this bag was from my stash - bought many moons ago, haven't a clue where from. Again, I used the Sizzix machine to cut out these lovely felt pieces, reminiscent of seaweed I reckon. They were bonded onto the fabric and then I did a spot of free machine embroidery to embellish the design and to anchor the piece further; this is another great technique that I had problems with in the past but I'm finding my way around now.

This is quite a small bag; its long, narrow nature would make it perfect for my crochet hooks I think. It's half term next week so we have a week off but I've really enjoyed the class so far; I've already learnt so many tips on loads of different techniques and I'm sure that will continue for the remaining 6 weeks. Can't wait!

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  1. Very cool! Where are you doing your course?

  2. Thanks Laura!

    The course is at the Dryden Centre in Low Fell, an adult education place not far from where I live; just opened recently. It's just a 10 week course, but the tutor tells me that they're planning lots of other similar courses following this one.

  3. Tis lovely! I have on of the sizzix big shots, I love it! suzie xxx


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