Saturday, 19 February 2011

Turning Over a New Leaf - book 5

Book number 5: What To Do When Someone Dies by Nicci French.

The blurb:
Ellie Faulkner's world has been destroyed. Her husband Greg died in a car crash - and he wasn't alone. In the passenger seat was the body of Milena Livingstone - a woman Ellie's never even heard of.

But Ellie refuses to leap to the obvious conclusion, despite the whispers and suspicions of those around her. Maybe it's the grief, but Ellie has to find out who this woman was - and must prove Greg wasn't having an affair.

And soon she is chillingly certain their deaths were no accident. Are Ellie's accusations of murder her way of avoiding the truth about her marriage? Or does an even more sinister discovery await her?

My view:

The main character, Ellie, can't grieve for her husband until she proves he hasn't, or has, been unfaithful. She becomes completely obsessed and her sanity is questioned by close friends as she strives to find out the truth. I know that it's a novel and not a true story but this book has a completely implausible plot, which gets even more unbelievable after the 'twist' near the end. A quick, read-it-on-the-beach book (no thinking necessary), but I actually think this story would work much better on TV than as a book.

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