Friday, 4 February 2011

Is winter over yet?

Oh, I do hope so.

I spent a lovely couple of hours in the garden last Sunday. The weather wasn't too bad (if you were well wrapped up) and it was great to be outside in the fresh air and daylight for a while. I'm so glad the nights are gradually getting that little bit lighter.

The garden won't be mine (hopefully) for very much longer. We WILL sell the house in the next few months, I'm sure, so I feel very much just a plant caretaker; no long term plans or new plants for this patch (I tell a lie, I couldn't resist a few packs of annual seeds...) Anyway, there were plenty of maintenance jobs that needed doing:

Leaves to clear away - and little slugs to dispose of.

Snow-damaged branches to prune.

More leaves and stems for the compost bin.

Climbers to cut down.

Containers to clean and tidy.

More leaves to clear up.

Some of my plants didn't survive this past winter, and others are perfectly fine: the smaller-leaved Hebe in the background seems to have faired much better than the slightly larger-leaved variety in the foreground. I'll wait a while and see if any green shoots emerge from the dead, brown ones.

I potted up a few of my favourite plants to take with me, but the frost has got to some of the containers so new ones will have to be purchased (always a pleasure!)

And it's never a chore cutting down old stems when you can see the signs of new life forming beneath them. We may not have seen the last of the winter weather, but spring is definitely on its way.

Do you have big plans for your garden this year?

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