Thursday, 17 February 2011

Bathroom Blitz

As regular blog readers will know, we've had a tonne of people coming to view our house, but no buyers as yet. Lots of people have loved the house but the stumbling block for many seems to be the lack of toilet upstairs.

So, in a bid to get that elusive buyer, we've decided to spend some pretty pennies on a bit of a bathroom blitz.

This is our small, but perfectly formed (apart from a loo) bathroom on Sunday.

And this is what it looked like when I got home from work on Monday!

Quite a transformation: the wall to the left has been knocked down and rebuilt, taking a couple of feet from the bedroom next door; bath and sink ripped out and a lot of the tiles removed.

On Tuesday we have beautifully plastered walls (and in the bedroom next door too), new electrics, and the additional plumbing started.

Wednesday sees the gorgeous new tiles going down, continued plumbing work - and the new bath is fitted!

This is the addition to the bathroom: a lovely bath alcove. It's a shame to make the bedroom next door smaller, but people didn't seem to love the house enough to want to walk downstairs to the loo.

It's a scary thing to be doing this - putting our faith in a spanking new bathroom - but we hope that forking out this money will get us a buyer for the house. We've already got some interested people lined up for when all the work is done so finger's crossed.

More to follow...

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