Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Sunday in the garden part two

After spending the morning gardening, after lunch I decided to work on another crochet design. I love working outside when it's sunny and warm; the light is so much better outside and it's nice to get some fresh air and watch the bees, birds and butterflies go about their work too - but I'm so easily distracted!

I've been trying to to think of some different items that I can put in my Folsky shop, rather than just the knitted scarves and bags that I've been selling online and at craft fairs for the past year. And now that I've finally got my head around crochet (after year's of my sister telling me, 'But it's so easy!!') new ideas are coming to me faster than I've got time to make them. I'm finding that I can be so much more creative and experimental with crochet. I won't abandon the knitting altogether, but for the minute crochet is king!

So on Sunday, inspired by the summer weather (we had one day of sunshine amongst the sea of rain this week) and thoughts of alfresco dining, surrounded by lovely flowers in my garden, I decided to work on a napkin ring idea that I had.

After making numerous flowers and trying out different colour combinations the floral napkin ring was born.

I like them as they are, but I think I might experiment a bit with embellishments - a pretty button or a cluster of sparkling beads in the centre of each flower might just added that little extra bit of interest. So I'm off to do that now. I'll let you know how they turn out...


  1. Welcome to blog land Sharon. Your garden looks very beautiful, full of so much colour.

    I think the napkin ring would look good with a few sparkling beads.

    I wished I could crochet.

    Jo xx

  2. Thanks for your kind words Jo.

    Yes, I had a bit of a play last night and I've gone with the clusters of beads! I'll have to take a decent photo and let you have a look-see.


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