Saturday, 18 July 2009

Everyone has to start somewhere

Wow, my first ever post. What do I say? Hmmm... bear with me.

Today has been another day of TORRENTIAL rain - rivers running down the streets, huge pools of standing water to drive through, leaking roofs, soggy pants(!), and soggy plants. This is a photo of my lovely lupins taken a couple of days ago...

...they certainly don't look like that now! The garden is full of bedraggled, drooping specimens that I'll probably have to cut down tomorrow (if it ever stops raining). And in last week's rain the bark path got washed away into a huge pile at the bottom of the garden; I guess I'll be tidying that up again tomorrow. But this inconvenience pales into insignificance when you hear the stories of other people - I don't know about the rest of the country, but in the North East of England people in Morpeth, Rothbury and Durham have been evacuated from their homes again because of flood water. I can only imagine how devastating that must be.

Wow, it's nearly tomorrow already! It's taken me ages to set this blog up, but hopefully now it's up and running I'll post you all my little musings quite frequently. Off to bed now to dream of spending a lovely day tomorrow (now today!) doing some crochet and pottering in the garden in the SUNSHINE (I did say I'd be dreaming...).

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