Friday, 18 June 2010

Bright or Subtle? You decide!

Enough of this gardening and house moving lark… So what crafty things have I been up to lately?

Well, I finished the baby blanket that I was making for my good friend Emma. I really enjoyed making it as the little squares are quick to make and very portable, so I could pop my yarn and hook in my handbag and crochet away happily whenever I go the chance: at home in front of the TV... in the garden enjoying the birds' antics... sitting at my desk during my lunch hour when it was too cold/wet to wander out... sitting outside in my lunch hour whilst enjoying the occasional sunny spell... relaxing on holiday in Whitby... (yes, the crochet goes everywhere!) Even the making-up process wasn't too bad, and the stripy border just finishes it off perfectly, I think.

I was so pleased that the parents-to-be loved the finished article – and hopefully baby will too! I've spent a couple of lunch hours at work this week sitting outside and soaking up the sun whilst crocheting some more of these little squares. I'd like to make some baby blankets in different colourways – and hopefully sell them in my Folksy shop. Watch this space.

Other, smaller projects that I've been doing are these pretty floral corsages. I love the bright, sunny colours and the contrasting buttons, and the shaggy texture of the blooms. I'm going to do some more of these but I can't decide on colourways: I like bright, contrasting colours but hubby prefers the more subtle, complementary shades. Guess I'll have to do both! Do you have a preference?

These flower corsages are a bit of a change for me, but I think they turned out really well and I'd like to do some more of these too, in various colours. They consist of layers of felt, with free-style machine embroidery and sparkly bead embellishment. I've made a prototype purse using the same technique which turned out really well so that's something else to add to the 'more things to do' list.

And finally, I've tried my best to avoid the World Cup but failed miserably. So if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. We had a stall at the monthly Grainger Market Art & Craft Fair last Saturday and it was the perfect time to sell these England heart brooches, what with England playing their first game that night. They were very popular at the fair and I managed to sell a few, but I still have some left. Hopefully England will do well and I might sell a couple more in the next three weeks!

As ever, click on the highlighted links if you're interested in buying and want to know more...

Have a good weekend - hope the sun keeps on shining!

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  1. Congrats on completing the blanket, it looks lovely. I'm sure you'd sell some from your folksy shop no problem. I love the new brooches and I think I prefer the brighter colour ones but I think you should still make both! Have a nice weekend, Charlotte x

  2. love the bright brooches and the england badges are cute, hope they pull their finger out so you can sell the remainder ?

  3. Thanks for your feedback girls!

    Baby Adam was born on Monday so hopefully he's getting cosy in his new blanket right now.

    The brighter brooches have had more 'hits' on Folksy so they do seem to be the more popular ones right now, but I'll make a selection of both and give people the choice.

    The England brooches have had lots of 'hits' too but nobody's buying them - I guess England's lacklustre performance doesn't fill them with much hope!

    Sharon x


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