Sunday, 11 October 2009

Craft fair number 1

It was my first time selling at the Arts & Crafts Fair at Grainger Market in Newcastle yesterday. It went really well. I only sold a few items (three scarves, a keyring and a corsage) but it covered my costs with a bit extra. And I also got two commissions (a scarf and a floral brooch) - and lots of lovely comments from the public and other stallholders.

My table was massive (much bigger than I've had at previous fairs), so it was great to get all of my stock out and on show (people won't buy it if it's sitting in a box where they can't see it!).

The bunting looked great. Not many people noticed it, but those that did loved it.

The stallholders were lovely and friendly. Most of them seem to come every month (and have done so for years) so they all knew each other - but were very welcoming to the 'newbie'. They all thought that this fair had been quite quiet so things will hopefully pick up at the November and December fairs; if that was quiet I'm really looking forward to the busy ones!

Predictably though, people asked for things I don't sell - hats, mittens, tea cosies, shawls... (and I could have sold my wooden cat model about 50 times!) so I may attempt a few new things for the next fair, if I find some spare time. I want to make some more of the ribbon scarves that sell so well at Christmas time, some sparkly corsages too (perfect to wear with that 'little black dress'!) and I thought some Christmas bunting would be fab - plus I have those two commissions from the fair, a commission for some bunting for a nursery (from a blog reader), baby knits for my great niece due in a couple of weeks, Christmas pressies for my family... oh dear, I better get a move on.

Thanks for all the lovely comments on the bunting (and other posts!) - your thoughts are always very welcome and appreciated!


  1. Your stall looks fab & the bunting looks amazing - well done! Hope the next ones are even busier too xx

  2. Your table looks great, very clearly displayed. I love setting up my stall.



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