Sunday, 21 November 2010

Keeping Cosy

You may remember a while ago that I crocheted this blanket for my good friend's new baby.

So in true Attic24 style, here's some photos of Adam and his treasured blankie.

Adam loves getting cosy under his blanket; mum says he stares at the pattern and touches it, showing a great deal of interest. Mum and dad like the blanket too as it's a bit heavier than his other ones so he can't kick this one off and get chilly toes.

The cold winter weather is just starting to bite and I could do with a cosy, handmade blanket for myself. I really enjoyed making this cover as the individual crocheted squares are so portable and quick to do; I'd love to make a bright and cheery one (aka Attic24 again - love the style and colour hit!) Maybe that's a job for after the Christmas fairs though...

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  1. Wow these picures are too cute.Look at those little hands.You did a great job with this blanket.

  2. Its beautiful - I really need to learn to crochet!

  3. The blanket is gorgeous! The colours are very pretty. Adam will be nice and warm this winter!



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