Friday, 20 August 2010

Folksy Friday Pattern Picks

My Folksy Friday this week takes its inspiration from the theme of pattern. They can be subtle, they can be bold - but all of these items have stunning patterns that caught my eye in their own individual ways.

As ever, click on the shop links to find out more about the items - posted by my fellow industrious A-teamers on Folksy.

Bright and cheery, and really useful too! Polka Dot Fabric Boxes by Forest Flower.

My Pounding Heart Necklace by Esme Dodsworth Design. Simple, sophisticated and gorgeous!

I love, love, love this Luna Moths Handbag by Shop Stitch Me Lane. Fab colour and stunning design!

The dreamy, swirly design of these Blue Swirl Disc Earrings from Pyro Angel's Sweet Trinkets is really beautiful.

Rag rug making techniques brought bang up to date with this gorgeous Ragged Heart Lavender Pillow from Woolly Lakes.

Amazingly detailed Wooden Cat Picture by Dach Crafts - all hand cut with a fret saw!

Hope you like my pattern picks. Have a great weekend.

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  1. Some really yummy choices here! Pyro Angels swirly earrings are so cool!

    Natalie x

  2. Fantastic choices - all really beautiful and they all look great together!

  3. Fab picks! I featured Esme too! Love the fabric boxes!


  4. Great selection, very pretty patterns.

  5. Lovely selection.I love that bag and lavender pillow!xx

  6. Ohh the moth bag is amazing and the cat! great choices :) xx

  7. Love the cat, love them all though! Susie xx

  8. Thanks for featuring my Heart Pillow! Great choices, really love the Silver heart necklace x

  9. I do love patterns :-) the cat is fab! thank you for inlcuding my necklace :-)

  10. Thanks for featuring my cat picture! Glad you liked it. Loving the heart pendant also :)

    DC x


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